This has always annoyed me | so glad The Witcher 3 has fixed this. They go as fast as you want to go! I love you CD Projekt Red

LoL YUP. This is how our generation will be when we gamers have kids (IF we ever have kids, that is!).

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Oh deadpool

Gaming Problems - this is exactly what will happen if Link in Zelda WiiU is customizable

I play them all, just be wise...

This is a selfie. The most accurate selfie ever taken. Except I always knew I needed it.

Call of duty logic:

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the elder scrolls MMO

Sometimes you just gotta appreciate Tumblr

Mugman's super mad at Cuphead for betting and losing their souls. (this is mostly a comic test! if ya have any tips in comic...

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But really...why?

Ha ha... So true

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Gamer Friends…

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I have to agree I always get stick with the lame team and I always end up doing all the work

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