If you have trouble wrapping your head around counting and keeping track of your rows when knitting, click through to read this blog post now. It explains exactly how to count rows it for garter and stocking stitch, plus handy hints to help you keep track whilst you work!

I'll have to try this someday! "No matter how much or how little you knit, the piece will always be square." No more guessing if it's square or not!

Spine Stitch | The Weekly Stitch Written Instructions

Great article about understanding your knitting structure and how to read your knitting. Great read!

Fingerless gloves, free pattern at Midnight Knitter Have made for my daughter.

How Insert Thrums in Your Knitting - How To - Knitting Daily

How to Change Yarn Colors While Knitting for Beginning Knitters with Studio Knit - Watch Free Knitting Video Tutorial via @StudioKnit

Knitting Basics: Tools, Stitches, and Techniques From Better Homes and Gardens, ideas and improvement projects for your home and garden plus recipes and entertaining ideas.

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Knitting Terms - Understanding all Those Knitting Words and Phrases

Great article about understanding your knitting structure and how to read your knitting. Great read!

"When you need to undo your knitting for several rows but not all the way back to the beginning."

picking up stitches

How To Tink! It’s a fact of life that if you knit, you’re eventually going to make a mistake. The trick is knowing how to fix it, because all mistakes can be fixed. Learn how to unknit and remedy a dropped stitch.

How to make a nice edge stitch. At the beginning of the row, hold the yarn in front (instead of in the back as it usually would be). Insert your needle in the back of the first stitch (knitwise) and slip it (without knitting it). Continue knitting your row as usual. The last stitch is knit normally. Only the first stitch is treated differently. You can use this technique for stockiness or garter.

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Knitting Skills

Knit vs. Purl and a lot of other basic knitting info.

Knitpicks, a website with clear pictures and definitions of knitting terms

How to Knit: The Basics