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Unicorn Hooded Scarf

Welcome to The Velvet Acorn, here you will find purely original pattern designs…

Blog post at Little Inspiration : I apologize for the big delay in writing this post. Life has been hectic, specially around the holidays. Our last bow scarf I designed was s[..]

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$5.50 for Pattern at this site:

Knitting Pattern for Adult and Child Sized Hooded Scarf - The Tuft Hooded Scarf is a quick knit in super bulky yarn. Sizes are for 12/18 months, Toddler, Child, Teen, Adult

Knitting Pattern for Unicorn Hooded Scarf with pockets - #ad Sizes 12/18 months, Toddler, Child, Teen, Adult.More pics on Etsy tba fantasy creature equine pocket wraps hood

Free Knitting Pattern for Willow Infinity Scarf Cowl - Cable infinity scarf knit flat and seamed. Quick knit for super bulky yarn. Designed by Sierra Morningstar

Free Knitting Pattern for Autopilot Cowl - This infinite scarf pattern is aptly named. With its 2-row 2-stitch repeat mesh stitch, you can knit on autopilot. Designed by Dominique Trad

Get two accessories for the price of one with a hooded scarf. Pick one of these 10 cute knitting patterns and you'll soon have an awesome new knitted accessory.

Cozy hoods keep you warm without messing with your hairstyle. Hooded scarves and cowls convert easily into substitutes for hats when needed and hooded pullovers and cardigans are stylish and practical.

The Elwood Hooded Scarf crochet pattern

Knitting Pattern by Brome Fields. Over-sized scoop shrug sweater.

Baby Knitting Patterns Little One Hoodie Knitting Patterns. Find tried and tested b...


Welcome to The Velvet Acorn, here you will find purely original pattern designs…

Knitting pattern for Adult and Child Freelyn brimmed hat with wide floppy brim

Nordic Hooded Scarf

Free until Jan. 7, 2018 Only Knitting Pattern for Lily Red Snood - Free with code nouvelan  Infinity scarf cowl knit in garter stitch and a 3 row repeat netting stitch. Quick knit in bulky yarn. (Note – I was able to download without the code but you may need it). Designed by ChristineROGER. Available in English and French.