The ultimate gaming stealth technique. - #AssassinsCreed

La lógica de los videojuegos

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Gamer Friends…

Gamers will know

When you join a game...

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Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 | Campers in Nuketown be like

It feels so good to get that camper. Call of Duty funny memes #callofdutymemes #callofduty #cod

by vlade

Boi.... I'm all three of these! Three, not Wii U, the only console I own by the way!

Skeletons throughout the industry

This is so true

Which one are you?

Daenerys VS Dragonborn More

When the final boss has way too much HP. | 24 Hilarious Posts That Only Gamers Will Understand

Tutorials in other games vs. Tutorials in Dark Souls

The girl who got jumpscare when play dark souls and went into hysterics afterwards broke the controller, at the end got playstation ban. Yeah it's me. game memes

Me on black flag

Yes... Dark Souls is probably- no DEFINITELY the hardest game I have ever played

Git Gud

I used to log off immediately when that happened, waiting for my actual duo, which was so annoying xD.

Video Game Logic: I don't understand 70% of it but its still funny

Anime Meme | Funny Pictures,Anime meme, Troll Pictures - Part 13

"Welcome to Battlefield 1"