Wrap & Turn Short Rows #Tutorial with clear pictures & directions. #knitting

A new technique for wrap & turns. This is the way to go! Super easy!! German Short Rows Part I - Purl to knit (+playlist)

Short Row Knitting is a method of shaping where you knit only a portion of a row, then turn and work back. Here is one technique... Work the required number of stitches called for in pattern. Wrap & Turn

knitting: intarsia knitting tutorial, for when I'm ready for more advanced techniques...

Learn It: Twigg Stitch. Knitting Daily. Learn a new, reversible knitting stitch!

#Knitting_Tutorial - "Wrap and Turn Short Rows. Short rows are an important way of shaping knitting. They really aren't hard to do if you follow this tutorial while you're knitting them. This is probably the most popular way in the US of making short rows. Enjoy learning this technique!" from #KnittingGuru **

No wrap, short row toe-up heel

M1 Short Rows Tutorial

Learn to Knit, how to knit, knitting for beginners.

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German short row how to. No wrap and turns. This is AWESOME! The only way I'll ever short row again! It's totally invisible!

Vom Pulli zur Jacke

Yarn Over Short Rows - how I do my socks; need to remember this for other short row uses

Short-row Technique | This makes a virtually invisible set of increases to shape socks or a garment | Excellent photo tutorial

How to Knit a Mitered Corner. Really useful for cardigan bands and for blankets.

Want to try something new? Here is a method for Shadow Wraps, an alternative for the traditional Wrap and Turn short rows.

Mari Knits: Short Rows Tutorial Part 2: Wrap and Turn Short Rows

Knitting Blanket Tutorials - How to Make Large Chunky Blanket

Φτιάξτε εύκολα και γρήγορα μια ζεστή και μαλακή κουβέρτα.. κυριολεκτικά χειροποίητη! - Εναλλακτική Ατζέντα