A comparison of 5 knit short row sock heel methods - wrap and turn, yarn over, shadow wrapped, Japanese or Pinned and German or double stitch

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4 ways to knit a sock heel - FREE tutorial on LoveKnitting

(Free!) Two Needle Socks knit pattern. Killer Crafts & Crafty Killers: GUEST AUTHOR AND KNITTER CORI LYNN ARNOLD

Take your SOCK GAME to the next level. Compliments Guaranteed.

cool toe! Math4Knitters: Dyad Socks - I wanted to explore the easiest way I know to make a two-color sock: one color for the heel and toe, and another for the rest of the sock. I was also eager to use a band heel and a toe to match. In Sock Architecture, they are worked both from the top down and the toe up in five sizes, plus a plug-in-your numbers size.

A very good and detailed description of how to knit socks (suitable for beginners). The photos could be better though.

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I’ve created this page to show all of the sock heel patterns I can find. It’s a page I can quickly use as a reference. If you have a heel you love leave a comment and a link and I’…

Hand Knitted Things: Knitted Sock Heel Repair - for experienced knitters only.

I am a toe-up sock knitter. There are lots of reasons why I made the switch to toe up socks after knitting a few pairs of cuff down socks but the main reason is pretty straightforward. I, and most of the people I knit socks for, have big feet. Working from the toe-up means I can increase until I reach a stitch count that fits at a gauge that will make a comfortable, durable sock. There are plenty of options for heels to work on toe up socks: heel flaps, short rows, afterthought heels,...

Mmmmmkay. Here goes - sorry some of the photos are blurry, it's just me and my 2.1 mp camera round here! Consider this my contribution to Socktoberfest! Photo heavy post, of course. Click photos to...

Easy Children's Sock

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Knit Better Socks - really good blog on socks

A not quite vanilla sock knit cuff down with a very easy eyelet pattern, a honeycomb slip stitched heel flap and comfy rounded star toe, just enough little details to spruce up a vanilla sock pattern perfect for the prettiest spring colored yarn in your stash.

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