Knitting ER: How to Fix Your Mistakes with Patty Lyons-Annie's Online Class. Watch a free preview here:

Tutorial on how to pick up stitches; difference between pick up/pick up and knit. Very helpful for log cabin throw.

Have you ever been joyfully knitting along, and your project seemed to be progressing just fine and Oh see that you dropped a stitch a few rows back?! Not to worry! You don't have to rip out all your rows back to that spot! I'll show you how to use this nifty little trick to put that...

How to Knit a Perfect Edge

How to bind off without using any yarn! - Crochet Bind off - Yarn Harlot | #knitting #tutorial #article

Hats and other simple projects.

When your pumpkins start looking like this..... .... it's time to start doing things like this..... Drinking warm things. :) Making yummy treats. This is a totally made-up recipe but I'm calling it chocolate hazelnut cheesecake bites (surely there's a...

Cast-off tip from Ysolda. Not quite picturing this, but it should make sense on the needle!

How to Knit a Purl Stitch for Beginners

How To Knit, Beginner Knitting

You can now successfully fix a dropped stitched at the end of a row with these expert tips and steps! #knitting #knittingmistakes

The IRISH MOSS Knit Stitch: St. Patrick’s Day Knitting DIY via @StudioKnit Easy Free Knitting Pattern

Yaratıcı Projeler: Kalın İp Tasarımları

How to fix a dropped garter stitch. Great video!.

Entrelac knitting looks scary, but trust me, you can handle it! Here are some tips to help your first venture into entrelac be a success.

Great article about understanding your knitting structure and how to read your knitting. Great read!

Learn how to Knit the Star Stitch: Receive Easy Free Knitting Pattern + Video Tutorial via @StudioKnit

How to Knit the Bamboo Stitch Easy Free Knitting Pattern with Studio Knit via @StudioKnit

Igelkottvantar. Inget mönster, bara inspiration. Mönster finns att köpa via Ravelry,

baby booties beginner knitting pattern