Check information about video games here [ "When you find a game you love there is no experience quite like it. Becoming fully immersed in the world can cause you to forget who you are and becoming that character. Diminished conscience of Self feels appropriate here. Not only can you lose track of", "Present Play - Playing Video Games Play Personality: Competitor Qualities of Play: Apparently Purposeless, Diminished Consciousness of Self, Voluntary, Improvisational Potential, Inherent Attraction, Continuation Desire, Freedom from Time", "YOU FUCKING BET!!!!!! I men seriously you don't see. the coolest Bach off games around die no no no you can't CAN'T see me die nooooop. ANNNND YOU CAN'T KILL THE METAL things you can't kill THE MATEL,ANARCHY,ME,MLG,ANNNND GAMERS", "I chose this picture for one reason. It shows how many inside jokes gamers have with each other. It shows the gaming community. It gives gamers something to laugh at while everyone laughs at them.", "I am a gamer. Video games have made a impact on my life because they have actually helped with my problem solving skills and helped me stay in touch with friends and even make some new ones.", "The Video Game subculture includes the people whose life revolves around gaming, this can include people going to gaming events and holding gaming conventions of their own.", "Game on. - has the best funny pics, gifs, videos, gaming, anime, manga, movie, tv, cosplay, sport, food, memes, cute, fail, wtf photos on the internet!", "You may silence us for now, but we'll come back to establish an earth-shattering legacy! ...until we erase it to go for a better score!", "I use to play a lot of videogames with my friends from work or school and made some new friends also. Mostly played COD or GTA." ] #
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