Easiest sock in the world pattern

Three different ways to start toe up socks and a free pattern by Wendy Johnson from

4 ways to knit a sock heel - FREE tutorial on LoveKnitting

Foto serie over het breien van twee sokken tegelijk

How to Knit an Afterthought Heel - I found this little tutorial very helpful when I was making Christmas stockings this year. So simple. #socks #knitting #learntoknit To learn how to get cash back on your crafting supplies when you shop online, and a ton of other things too, go to

There’s no denying it, the speckled yarn hype has taken over the knitting world and most of us have succumbed to some serious stash enhancement with these speckled beauties. Not only are they a pleasure to behold when skeined up, knitted up they give us out of this world projects. Socks are no exception to this …

Superhandige tutorial over hoe je twee sokken tegelijk breit.

Pattern from Ravelry, costs only $1.99, so cute. Definitely adding to my Wish list for a future project.

Knitting Increase: A knitted sampler showing what different increase methods look like, along with videos on how to perform each increase.

We’ve had quite a few requests for Cheat Sheets for Knitters — due to the popularity of our...

Helpful guide for knitting your first pair of socks @ The Knitting Squirrel

Free sock tutorial with free sock knitting pattern by Mary Beth Temple. This is the final part of the tutorial with links to the first two parts. affiliate link

Toe up sock pattern- free

Longtemps que je ne me suis pas tricoté de paire de chaussettes, pourtant, elles sont si confortables ! How to Knit a Sock

Being a baby is hard work, all that eating and pooping would make anyone want to sleep all day! Here are a little pair of socks to keep the babies in your life warm while theyʼre working hard. The traditional work sock colours contrast with the soft yarns chosen for this project. ʻGet to Workʼ comes in one size and two versions. The ribbed version would suit any active little one and offers a simple trick to avoid visible colour change in your purl bumps when ribbing. The stockinette version ...

A simple knitted sock pattern for beginners - Canadian Living

After making several pairs of socks with afterthought heels, Cat Bordhi’s method is my absolute favorite for adding afterthought heels. Works…

If I ever learn to knit I might try socks and I might need this after thought heel tutorial.

Lace Knitting Pattern with chart More

Do you experience pain while knitting or you simply want to knit faster? If so, flicking is the best technique for comfortable and fast knitting. By tensioning your yarn in the right hand and flicking it with your finger, you can become a faster knitter!