What Would Video Game Companies be Like as People? [ "Every time is see this one I get really angry. Apparently the person who drew this does not see women, why else would all of them be men? Seriously I am a gamer and it pisses me off that people forget that one are equally into gaming as men.", "If Video Game Companies Were Your Friends! Pretty accurate if you read these - and pretty funny. Gamers will get this.", "I'd say you Nintendo and sega things are wrong sega is that friend who you haven't talked to in awhile and and Nintendo is that kid trying to be E for everyone but is still trying to compete with everybody else", "Funcom Tries to fix things that weren't really that badly broken at all, and then causes problems elsewhere, makes doing things ten times slower than they should be. But that friend you always go back too", "If gaming companies were your Friends. If gaming companies could be compared to a type friend, these would be their classifications. Check it out and see if you agree!", "If game companies were your friends. So true. Though I would have loved to see one about Capcom - probably was not included as it would have been too much like EA.", "I don't know...Valve never shows up on time or at all *Fumes about Half Life [Skwerwl] Exactly! Your cat is never one to have a schedule either...", "If game companies were your friends - Freakin' Blizzard. I long for the solo play of Diablo II and the original Warcraft.....", "Thinking of you Dale :) If gaming companies were your friends. VALVE! They have reasonably good graphics, a good sense of humor, and now how to please their fans." ] #
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