If you are a gamer, you know all of these things. Well, even if you arent a gamer, you probably know them, too.

Pretty much.... It's ALL in the EYES!!

Hello Guys,more pins..

The gamer experience: FPS vs RPG Gangster.Gamer

Call Me Zelda One More Time T-Shirt Are you a gamer that has played every Zelda game since the first one was released? And do you get frustrated when you meet people who actually call Link Zelda? Well

Every Game With Customization Options

Video Games Taught Us More Than Schools #funny #fact

Run Away! #gamers #JurassicWorld /

I'LL TAKE THAT MOTHERFUCKING QUEST, EVEN IF IT IS JUST TO RUB THAT KITTEH'S BELLY UNTIL IT PURRS. I'M FINE WITH THAT. (Sorry about the caps, but this is a video game I really want to play!)

That Battlefield-moment

I play them all, just be wise...


Gaming Healers

Skyrim - this made me laugh so hard! :D I hate it when I'm trying to sneak, and it says I'm detected, when the only thing that can see me is my horse

Aaahw damn!

So true.

I literally died laughing at this

skyrim, gamers Mais

Calling a dragon in Skyrim

Oh yeah, Psyduck knows. ^~^ Pokemon

PICK IT UP AND PUT IT IN UR INVENTORY- oh yeah's not actually a video sad

Video Game Logic: I don't understand 70% of it but its still funny

Game logic Ahh I love minecraft..