Untidy corner to neat, square corner - A simple fix because it is easy to do and undo.

Learn to join in the round with circular knitting

This site has tons of helpful video tutorials to teach you how to knit.

Wrapped Stitch (Faux Cable) tutorial.

Chain selvedge This is a simple trick that produces a neat and attractive finish on a selvedge edge. All you have to do is slip the first stitch of every row purl-wise and knit the last stitch of every row. That’s it! by monica

How to Knit a Perfect Edge – A Free Finishing Technique Let’s get 2017 started right! I really needed to learn this technique much earlier. When I first taught myself to knit (only about 1.5 years...

If you have trouble wrapping your head around counting and keeping track of your rows when knitting, click through to read this blog post now. It explains exactly how to count rows it for garter and stocking stitch, plus handy hints to help you keep track whilst you work!

How to re-insert your needle after unraveling. @KD Eustaquio Howard Rugg - should probably repin this :o)

How to Soften Economical or Scratchy Yarn

7 Things I Wish I Hat Known When I Started Knitting

How to Purl TBL & Knit TBL (through back loop)!

Learn How to Join in the Round With Circular Knitting!

A Trick to Make Seaming Shoulders Easier [You can find more of Aunt Ruth's favorite Knit Tech pins at ]

How to master knitting clean edges

Tuesday’s Knitting Tip at WEBS – Slip the first stitch of every row to keep your edges neat in stockinette.

Conquer four different bind-offs (and learn when to use each one) with these detailed photo tutorials from knitting expert Terry Matz.

Learn how to knit loopy stitch with this easy step by step video tutorial. Interesting thought, using wool yarn not tightly spun, for the insides of mittens or slippers?

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Ravelry: Pink wave edge Tutorial pattern by Elena Kozhukhar